Tim O’Brien

Assistant Coach

FCA has been blessed to have Tim serve as a coach since 2016. Tim grew up in Watertown, NY and started playing lacrosse in box leagues and high school in 1979 at Immaculate Heart Central High School. From there Tim went on to play at LeMoyne College in Syracuse, NY where he graduated in 1987. Positionally, Tim played midfield and LSM in high school, and while at LeMoyne he played midfield and actually a number of games in goal (if you can believe that!).

Tim has been coaching sports since 1996 when his oldest son started playing sports. Tim has over 10 years of experience coaching youth lacrosse as a part of the Penfield Youth program as well as 10+ years coaching CYO basketball at St Joseph’s Church. Tim got involved with coaching as he felt a calling to mentor and share his love of sports and competition with kids who wanted to learn.  Most importantly, Tim strives to find the best in each player and to encourage them to push to be the best they can be.  “It has been fun to look back and see so many of the older boys that I had apart in coaching, go on to have such success in college and in life beyond the field.  I hope and pray that the same will be true of the boys that have been entrusted to me within the FCA program today.”

“What I love most about coaching with FCA is that while we deliver high quality “x’s and o’s” about the game of lacrosse, I know that we are entrusted to deliver so much more by sharing the word of Jesus Christ. We provide each athlete the ability to grow physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually as a person, team and a community. In short I’m a part of this for the bigger picture and lacrosse and FCA provides us a common ground for this pursuit.”