Entering our fourth year of the FCA Box Lacrosse Program, we will again have three teams across the following divisions:

Pee Wee [ born in 07/08 ] Bantam  [ born in 05/06 ] Midget   [ born in 03/04 ]

We encourage players from both Ontario and New York to consider participating. This “invite only” opportunity is exclusive to FCA in Upstate NY and we appreciate the opportunity to join this competitive league.

We will be participating in tournaments in the newly formed East Coast Box Lacrosse League


We will have one team at age group:
  1. Each team will have 15 runners, two goalies and 4-8 additional runners who will train with the team.
  2. The team will be selected by the coaches. We will not have tryouts, but you can apply below before August 25, 2019.
  3. The cost to apply is $10 (US) and will be used to offset player dues.
  4. We will send a follow up email with more details in the next two weeks.
  5. Goalies should email for information & details on discounts.


    If Selected:
    Full Rostered Players: $595
    Cost for US Players: $595 USD
    Cost for Canadian Players : $595 CAD
    Goalies: email for discount, coupons prices & info.
    Full Rostered Players – $595
    1. ECBL Player Fee Includes – 9 games (3 per weekend- full length, 3 period)  with professional referees.  All stats, video, and web profiles are included!
    2. FCA Game Shorts
    3. 3 FCA Mini Camps – 3 hours each of top Coaching at each camp.
    Training Players – $150
    1. FCA Game Shorts
    2. 3 FCA Mini Camps – 3 hours each of top Coaching at each camp.

    In addition to scrimmaging and evaluating, we will focus on building skills in the following areas:

    • Loose ball-pick up (picking up a loose ball against boards -vs- field)
    • Ball Handling
    • Passing/Catching (passes require better positioning/accuracy and quicker reaction time)
    • Shooting (limited targets with 4×4 net with a big goalie demand precise shots)
    • Proper checking and check receiving
    • Checking on the boards (USBOXLA rules)
    • Moving with and without the ball

    • Defensive positioning and system controlling your opponent
    • Offensive positioning and system breaking down the defense
    • Faceoff/Faceoff positioning and tasks
    • Optimum goal position
    • On ball V Cuts, Picks, Pick and rolls
    • Off ball V Cuts, Picks, Pick and rolls
    • Fast Break Offense
    • Power play/penalty
    Having played in both the MLL & NLL, I understand the vast difference between the field and box lacrosse. We wanted to create an opportunity where players from Ontario and New York could come together and experience true Box Lacrosse. We wanted coaches that considered themselves Box Lacrosse coaches that had a track record of success as box players and coaches. We are thankful to have Ken Hastie and Billy Curtis leading our boys, teaching the fundamentals, skills and nuances of box lacrosse.

    – Solomon Bliss, Boy’s Program Director