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Just recently, Sydney Carpenter (Hilton HS) announced her commitment to play at Siena College. We caught up with Sydney and asked her a few questions regarding FCA and her choosing Siena College.
Here are Sydney’s answers below:

1) Why did you and your family choose to play for FCA?
My family and I chose FCA because we heard many great things about the organization. At the time there wasn’t a girls program, but we knew families that were part of the boys’ program and they all spoke very highly of FCA. We also knew this would be a great opportunity for me to continue to grow my faith, as a lacrosse player, and with teammates that have become my closest friends.

2) What has FCA meant to you? 
FCA has been a way for me to improve myself as a lacrosse player, teammate, and as a person.  I continually find myself reflecting on many of our huddles and looking for ways to better my life and other’s lives. FCA has encouraged me to strengthen my relationship with God. 

3) Who are your role models?  
My biggest role model is my dad. He is an extremely loyal, hardworking, strong, and supportive person. He has shown me that being a good person can take you far in life. I know that I can come to him for anything, and I hope one day I can do the same for my kids. I really appreciate all that he does for me and others and I couldn’t think of any better person to be my role model.    

4) What is a favorite lacrosse memory?  
My favorite lacrosse memory is from my freshman season when I assisted my best friend on her 100th career goal.  The smile on her face is something I will never forget and I was very happy that I got to be a part of it. 

5) What do you enjoy most about playing for the FCA?  
The friendships I have made over the years is what I enjoy most. FCA has connected me with teammates not only from Rochester, but also Syracuse and Buffalo. I have created bonds with these girls that I hope will last a lifetime.

6) Why did you choose Siena College?
I chose Siena College because I felt it will be a great place for me to develop academically and athletically. I visited many schools over the past year. My first time on the Siena campus, I immediately felt at home and I knew that this was the place for me.  Academically, Siena offers both of the majors that I am considering and I liked the smaller, friendly campus.  Athletically, the coaches, team environment, and culture was exactly what I was looking for. They are a hardworking team that focuses during practice and they have fun too. The coaches have led the team to a new level of success. Also, the team seems friendly, supportive, smart, persistent, respectful, and unselfish. Another factor that led me to choosing Siena was the fact that it will be close enough for my family to visit me and come watch our games.

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